On my way to be effective writer!

Dear readers,

This blog is being created to share my writings in a free course “Crafting Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade” offered by Coursera. It started on May 13, 2013. This course will help me a lot as it includes both grammar and writing basics. Recently, I have found that to be a good model, I have to be both accurate and fluent. I’m looking forward to finding some practical chances to improve my accuracy as well as my fluency throughout these 5 week.

Color your life

Retrieved May 17, 2013 from here

Week one was an introduction to the course and how to be a successful online learner. A lot of tips and pieces of advice were presented to continue this online learning experience. I did all the tasks required:

  1. I read the Course Guide (Syllabus).
  2. I took the Course Guide Quiz after reading the Course Guide.
  3. I watched the Video Lecture.
  4. I complete the Self-Check Readiness Quiz and created my Success List.
  5. I visit the discussion forum and introduced myself.
  6. I took  week one Quiz.
  7. I started a forum thread to help others to create their e-journals.

It is the beginning. I will be so happy to read my posts and leave comments.


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