Week 2 Journal Writing 1: Nouns and Adjectives

After going through Module 1 reading materials about Parts of Speech and more details about nouns, pronoun and adjectives, it is time to complete the first writing activity. It is very simple, but it is a great practice to what we learned in module 1.

In your journal, write down a list of at least five to ten nouns and five to ten adjectives as you observe a scene at home, work, or in your community.

The scene:


Retrieved May 18, 2013

In my school where I work as a teacher. I select my students while taking the final exam today.

List of Nouns:

  1. Exam
  2. Mona
  3. Silence
  4. Desk
  5. Teacher
  6. Class
  7. Time
  8. Problem
  9. Question
  10. Success

List of Adjectives:

  1. Confused
  2. Large
  3. Successful
  4. English
  5. Difficult
  6. Helpful
  7. Bored
  8. Happy
  9. Relaxed
  10. Final

It is an easy exercise, but it helps me to be flexible selecting words that can be found in the same scene. This reminds me with a comparison my Prof. did about the direct way of thinking and the lateral thinking where people can use all directions of their thinking. It is a starting point for fluency and flexibility as main features of creativity.


16 thoughts on “Week 2 Journal Writing 1: Nouns and Adjectives

  1. I like the way you posted it, it is very interesting. I didn’t know how to use the wordpress and only wrote down the nouns and adjective in a list. You gave me an idea to force myself to write more.


    • Hi,
      Thanks so much for dropping by. If you need any help concerning how to use WordPress, please let me know. I’m a new user for this platform, but I enjoy it so much. I’m learning all its features now and tying them out.

      I’ll follow your blog to leave comments and extend interaction!
      All the best!


  2. I am so impressed by your blog; the style, graphics and set-up. I am a senior citizen and have no knowledge in creating a blog so mine will pale in comparison. I am attempting to due my writing assisgnment in Module 2 and cannot access it….see how unsavvy I am. Keep up the imaginative work.


    • Hi Beverly,
      Thanks so much for passing by. My first blog was pale, but step by step I managed to make it colorful and lively. I’m sure you can do it. Don’t worry! Practice Makes Perfect. You said that you couldn’t access Module 2. What is wrong with it? We can solve the problem together. Last, if you are interested, please share your blog here to extend interaction.

      All the best!


    • Dear Paul,

      Thanks so much for reblogging my post. I’m a new user of WordPress. Would you please tell me more about reblogging? Is it like ReTweeting?

      I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


  3. I agree with Beverly your blog is awesome. Looks like you put some work into it. Congrats. The writing ability is awesome. Bet you can teach me somethings. Good job.


    • Hi Anthony,
      Thanks so much for dropping by. Yes, I spent much time trying out WordPress features as it is the first time to use this platform. I’m here to improve my writing skills as well. I think that writing is a co-process in which the writer and reader complete each other. So, let’s share our writings and give feedback. This absolutely leads to great outcomes.

      I’m looking forward to reading your next post!


  4. Love the layout of the blog you have here, and it’s great people are sharing their assignments with others. Lets us know where people are a lot of the time and their environment from the scene they chose. A teacher, eh? Whew, I couldn’t do it, lol.

    Good list!


    • Hi Kristen,
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I totally agree with you concerning the power of sharing what people do and what they know. The scene they select can convey a lot about them; their lives, their cultures and many other aspects that we like to see.
      It is a two-way communication as I said in one of my posts in the course forums.


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  7. Dear Azhar,

    I saw your question in the forum and I want to share with you this fabulous site. You can put the words and it can pronounce for you over and over and over, until you learn the pronunciation.

    Dear Azhar,
    Go to this web site: http://www.learnersdictionary.com/search/hearing

    Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary


    American English Dictionary for Students of ESL, EFL, and the TOEFL® Test … the Advanced Learner’s Dictionary · Shop other references from Merriam-Webster. You can look the word and have the audio for you to learn the pronunciation.


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    • Dear Edinea,
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and sharing your great website. Actually, I’m a fan of Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary. When I created a mini-ditionary to my middle school students, I made use of it.

      Really, I appreciate your time !!!


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