Catherine’s Writing Touch!

Retrieved May 20, 2013

Retrieved May 20, 2013

The power of words comes out when they touch our feelings and express something we think about or even imagine to make it real. The ability to play with words to describe some meaningful, expressive scenes is a gift and talent that our God gives to a few of people. Following blogs of other colleagues today, I found Catherine. She is Russian who thinks that her English is not perfect and she takes this course to improve her writing skills. Reading her posts, she captured my attention and touched my heart. Her sentences are full of energy and actions. She used most of the parts of speech beautifully. I told myself this is what I need to be; so creative when using words to convey a certain idea in a simple, and attractive way.

Catherine’s Sentences:

Strong wind made leaves fell down from their trees, big raindrops noisily knocked on my opened window when suddenly I saw a bright light.

Often I get up at 7 o’clock in the morning, but such calm mornings as today are so rarely, that I’ve decided to spend some additional hours in my bed.

I tried to leave a comment to her post, but I think that comments are moderated and she doesn’t know about that. That’s why I thought of writing this post to tell her “Thank YOU”.  Those creative people can be great models for whom they want to be effective writers someday. For me, I will constantly read other people writings to greatly enrich my language and extend my knowledge. Once I get enough words and some confidence, I’m sure I will write some beautiful pieces as Catherine’s.

I’ll never give up!


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