What is your Writing Style?

Pencil MascotWriting style, according to Mayberry, means “the way you put sentences together and the way you construct a sentence”. The definition seems so simple. But, when you are asked about it, it is not an easy question to be answered. To be frank, I didn’t ask this question to myself before. I just write when I feel I want to write. I think it doesn’t matter which writing style I have since I’m clear to the audience. I always try to be clear and understandable. I use simple sentences, and active voice. My paragraphs are not so long. I don’t include many ideas in the same paragraph. I revise my writings many times to correct misspellings and grammatical errors to avoid my audience distraction.

Instead of this question, we can ask about who will read my writings and why. This means that my writing style is no static since I have many audiences to write for. For example, writing for educators is different from writing for my students. Another question is what purpose I write for. If I want to explain something, I will use the expository writing style. If I want  to tell a story about an event or any experience I have, I will use the narrative writing style. I also use the persuasive writing style when I argue or convince my audience with an idea or claim. Another writing style is the descriptive by which I can describe scenes, persons, objects, animals and processes. Thus, my writing style depends on what and who; what purpose I want to achieve and for whom this writing will be.

To conclude, we have many writing styles but when, what and who are important questions we should ask ourselves before starting writing.

5 thoughts on “What is your Writing Style?

  1. What an explanation, Azhar!
    I read the article suggested and found it very good and useful.
    I agree with you, friend. I don’t know what is my writing style. But what I really consider as important is whether the reader will get what I mean or not. Otherwise, what’s the reason for writing? In this sense, details in writing must always be relevant.
    Thanks for your contribution, friend!


  2. Hi, Azhar. I’m the one who commented on your post “What’s your writing style”.
    After posting my replyI saw that it showed as anonymous. Sorry.


    • Hi Anonymous,
      Are you Marco? Please correct me if I am wrong!
      Thanks o much for your comment. I totally agree with your point. The audience is what we should think of. From my point of view, simplicity and clarity are the two keys for successful writing. I always put them in my mind when start writing. This attracts my readers and extends further interaction and discussion.


  3. Thank you for the post! I have been a kind of intuitive writer who chooses the tools without rational decision making. Taking the online writing courses provided by coursera.com has really changed that. I am becoming more and more conscious about the important elements in writing.


    • Hi Evelin,
      Taking a lot of MOOCs during the past 2 years, I can admit that they made a difference in my writing style. Keeping writing, leaving comments and discussing issues with my peers have a huge impact on my writing fluency and flexibility. Although most of courses’ goals are not to develop writing, they indirectly helped me write in a style that meets the situation I’m in, audience and purpose.

      You also make a good point regrading consciousness when writing. Unlike other skills, writing is a conscious activity that needs more efforts and time to be developed and improved. We need to learn these main elements of writing explicitly to be aware of them and apply them in our daily writing.

      I hope this course can be a starting point to write creatively.
      All the best!


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