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Retrieved June 16, 2013 from here

Retrieved June 16, 2013 from here

Throughout the past five weeks, I don’t know how to tell you how much I learned, gained, shared, discussed, responded, created, and reviewed. Crafting an Effective Writer is not a course for teaching grammar only, but it also draws learners’ attention and raises their awareness of these structures to make use of them effectively in their paragraphs. In the first four weeks, we spent a lot of time analyzing and practicing all the parts of speech, clauses and phrases. In the last week, we used all what we learned earlier to compose a complete paragraph putting in mind some criteria, e.g., topic sentence, details, organization, transitions, variety of sentences, concluding sentence, punctuation, spelling, … etc. Working on my final paragraph, I found that it was not enough to study and try out the writing process stages in just a week. Expanding the course to another week or more would be great to cover all the skills needed before composing. The good news is that this course will be offered again in mid September. I hope they put all our suggestions into account.

By drawing its curtains, I would like to thank all my instructors, MSJC staff, and community TAs for their great efforts and valuable time.  Crafting an Effective Writer was one of the most well-organized courses I took on Coursera. Its well-designed format helped me a lot to save more time when doing the required tasks and assignments. Furthermore, their helping hand and scaffolding was another great feature and human touch we all felt. They were all the time in the discussion forums reading our questions, responding, and encouraging us to move forward. They succeeded in creating a very engaging atmosphere through which we learned in a more secure environment trying and correcting mistakes. To say hello to my instructors and MSJC staff, please watch the following video:

My deep and sincere gratitude also goes to all my peers who reviewed my assignments and left some feedback to correct my mistakes, and help to improve my writing skills. To all my colleagues in the course, thanks so much for sharing all this amount of information, knowledge, values, perspectives and cultures. I will never forget all the moments we spent together learning, sharing and creating new ideas. I wish you the best!


Retrieved June 14, 2013 from here

Retrieved June 14, 2013 from here


2 thoughts on “Last words …

  1. Hi, Azhar.
    I know you have done a great job for the course because you kept on working on it by helping your peers and discussing with them, and by doing—writing. You have done much more than required, and of course you have achieved much more than expected. Congraduations!
    I couldnt spend as much time as I did at the beginning on this course. Way too busy. The writing is over, but another course about photography will begin next week, hence I will have 3 courses on at the same time again. That will last for 4 weeks. After that, I think I will have a break.
    By the way, the course suggested by the instructor ” First Year Composition 2.0 ” is one of the courses I am taking. That course is really challenging. I like it.
    I will keep my blog open; and this way, I think we can stay in touch.
    Best wishes.


    • Dear Xia,
      I’m so happy to hear from you. Really, I missed you so much. Have you received you certificate? Thanks for your nice words and constant encouragement. I don’t know how to describe how much I learned from my peers. I will miss all the moments we spent together. For the photography course, what is its name? Is it on Coursera? I love to have a look. I wish you the best with your further studies!


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