About 2

Azhar Youssef  is a female EFL teacher from Egypt for more than 10 years in primary, prep and secondary public schools. She is a PhD Student, Teacher Trainer, Ideal Teacher, Blogger, Microsoft Innovative Educator (A PiL Global Forum Participant 2011, Washington DC, United States), e-Teacher scholar 2011 certified by Maryland University, Baltimore County, Best Educational Wiki Nominee 2011 for her students’ wiki Welcome Back Egypt“, ThinkQuest Competition Judge 2012, Top-voted Stanford projects’ winner (#5) in 2012 free online DNLE course, Coursera Community TA 2013, Project Competition Participant 2014 (Here is my students’ entry: How EgyTeens Communicate!),  and Lifelong Learner at various Universities, e.g., Oregon, Maryland, and Stanford.

She is interested in using technology and its applications to make a difference in her classes. She tries to make connections between pedagogy and the available digital tools to create optimal learning environments where students can construct knowledge, collaborate and innovate.

For more communication, here are some tools to follow:

Educational blog: http://azharreflections.blogspot.com
Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/112048402272798169584/
Twitter Account @azhar_youssef: https://twitter.com/azhar_youssef

Have you tried to make your About Page more visual, clickable and interactive? If you are interested, here is my SMORE page.







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