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Throughout the past five weeks, I don’t know how to tell you how much I learned, gained, shared, discussed, responded, created, and reviewed. Crafting an Effective Writer is not a course for teaching grammar only, but it also draws learners’ attention and raises their awareness of these structures to make use of them effectively in their paragraphs. In the first four weeks, we spent a lot of time analyzing and practicing all the parts of speech, clauses and phrases. In the last week, we used all what we learned earlier to compose a complete paragraph putting in mind some criteria, e.g., topic sentence, details, organization, transitions, variety of sentences, concluding sentence, punctuation, spelling, … etc. Working on my final paragraph, I found that it was not enough to study and try out the writing process stages in just a week. Expanding the course to another week or more would be great to cover all the skills needed before composing. The good news is that this course will be offered again in mid September. I hope they put all our suggestions into account.

By drawing its curtains, I would like to thank all my instructors, MSJC staff, and community TAs for their great efforts and valuable time.  Crafting an Effective Writer was one of the most well-organized courses I took on Coursera. Its well-designed format helped me a lot to save more time when doing the required tasks and assignments. Furthermore, their helping hand and scaffolding was another great feature and human touch we all felt. They were all the time in the discussion forums reading our questions, responding, and encouraging us to move forward. They succeeded in creating a very engaging atmosphere through which we learned in a more secure environment trying and correcting mistakes. To say hello to my instructors and MSJC staff, please watch the following video:

My deep and sincere gratitude also goes to all my peers who reviewed my assignments and left some feedback to correct my mistakes, and help to improve my writing skills. To all my colleagues in the course, thanks so much for sharing all this amount of information, knowledge, values, perspectives and cultures. I will never forget all the moments we spent together learning, sharing and creating new ideas. I wish you the best!


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On my way to be effective writer!

Dear readers,

This blog is being created to share my writings in a free course “Crafting Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade” offered by Coursera. It started on May 13, 2013. This course will help me a lot as it includes both grammar and writing basics. Recently, I have found that to be a good model, I have to be both accurate and fluent. I’m looking forward to finding some practical chances to improve my accuracy as well as my fluency throughout these 5 week.

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Week one was an introduction to the course and how to be a successful online learner. A lot of tips and pieces of advice were presented to continue this online learning experience. I did all the tasks required:

  1. I read the Course Guide (Syllabus).
  2. I took the Course Guide Quiz after reading the Course Guide.
  3. I watched the Video Lecture.
  4. I complete the Self-Check Readiness Quiz and created my Success List.
  5. I visit the discussion forum and introduced myself.
  6. I took  week one Quiz.
  7. I started a forum thread to help others to create their e-journals.

It is the beginning. I will be so happy to read my posts and leave comments.